quarta-feira, 25 de junho de 2014


My cause.

I stand here. Eyes open in the dark. My heart pounding. My mind drifting. Drifting from you, to something else, and back to you. I am feeling the same way we feel when we started, you know? That sensation that no matter how long I stay with you, it is not enough. That feeling when we could not wait another second to kiss each other again. I am thinking of you right now. And for the past hours, too. I can almost feel you beside me. Your warmth, your breath, your skin, your touch. Oh, your perfect touch. The touch that makes me shiver and hope it never ends. And my body is responding. Incredibly responding. And I only want to be with you. To uncomfortably share a single's bed with you. Have your weight over me. To look at you as close as possible. To check every single move. Every single body twitch. To see you smile. The smile you give me when you are too shy to keep staring, and wants me to stop, and that only makes me want to get closer. I am loving to be with you. I am loving the way we are and the way you deal with me. I love almost everything about you. And I want to keep you beside me. I want you.

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